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  • Charity/Non-profit/Fundraising Events

    Baramor has a unique program that allows charities to make their events and fundraisers more meaningful. Many venues charge for booking private space. At Baramor, that would clash with our core principles of always doing môr. And as a result, we are flipping the model entirely. Instead of charging charities a fee for private space, we will donate to the causes personally to make their events more impactful.

    Capacity: 99

  • The Lounge Bar

    The Lounge Bar features six high top tables along with a private bar and 4 TVs. It is the entire front bar with a capacity of about 40 people. Booking of The Lounge Bar automatically includes The Private Room area.

    Capacity: 40

  • The Back Bar

    The Back Bar is the largest area of Baramor. It can hold up to 70 people and features a full private bar and 4 TVs. This space also includes The Stage area.

    Capacity: 70

  • The Stage

    The Stage offers the perfect space for 20 - 25 people for any occasion. It features a private 55" TV as well as a cozy fireplace. 

    Capacity: 25

  • The Private Room

    The Private Room is perfect for a small gathering of family and friends featuring an exclusive 43 inch TV and a cozy fireplace.

    Capacity: 12